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Hello and welcome to
my "logged venture"

I’m Andy, a thirty-five-year-old from Lee-on-Solent area living with my wife, Diana and our sons Joshua & Noah, and soon to be our daughter, Ava. I’m originally from Eastern Europe and over the last decade or so, I’ve settled down on the Southern England – first rented place was in Basingstoke.

I’ve used to work as a digital marketer, night manager and F&B staff before I’ve moved to the building industry. I’ve always been involved in a digital project, either was blogging, web design or SEO. Probably that’s why I’m still taking a freelance project once in a while.

In my spare time, between family and job commitments, I like trying new experiences, see new places, enjoy developing new skills. And, of course, none of these without my trusted cup of coffee.

Venturous Me, is my latest project and I can say that is my final product after multiple “ventures” I’ve tried before. From each previous jobs and projects (running an eco-friendly e-commerce shop, a handmade jewellery boutique, a sports trading and matched betting site), I’ve learned something, which is now integrated in Venturous Me.

However, Venturous Me is more than anything, is my personal log to hold me accountable for developing new skills and experiencing new “ventures” either we talk about hobbies, education or money wise topics. 

You’ll now find a selection of lifestyle posts including my latest reads, food and travel recommendations, parenting tips, financial wellbeing tips and my not so secret love for poker and extra income streams (known as side hustles).

Feel free to contact me anytime at or using any of the social media profiles, where you’ll find me posting anything from funny memes, cute puppies to learnings about wellbeing, financial goals or how much I love a good coffee. If photos are more your thing, hop on over to Instagram or Facebook!

If you would like to contact me regarding opportunities, my email is with the subject “opportunity”.

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Just try new things and challenge yourself to live your best life.

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