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Pumpkin Picking in Hampshire

Good afternoon venturous you. It seems that the last days of summer are gone and we are setting into the autumn season. Unfortunately, the day time is getting shorter and the cold is surely setting in. However, looking at the half full of the the glass, we are getting closer to Halloween, Christmas and respectively New Year’s Eve.

And, with the Halloween approaching, we start looking into decorations and of course, the pumpkin carving. So, let’s cover today, the best places for pumpkin picking. I highly recommended if you have kids and you are trying to cover a half day (or maybe more if you are braver than me) with your loved ones in half term break.

As we all know, is a challenge itself trying to fill in your days and to keep the little ones busy enough without losing your sanity. Or maybe is just me. Nevertheless, let’s dig in. As a note, the pumpkin patches list is not limited to the ones I’ve described below, but these have been the closer pumpkin patches to my heart and location wise.

Pumpkin Picking Tips

Here are a couple of things to consider before and during your pumpkin picking experience:

  • Be aware of weather forecast and try to wear something waterproof
  • Protect your car and/or car boot for when you are taking home your picked pumpkins
  • Wear sturdy shoes or wellingtons for the uneven farm land
  • Charge your camera or phone for some instant snaps of your loved ones (in my opinion lifestyle pictures are the best ones instead of the studio ones or at least for this type of photoshoot)
  • Have a design in mind before you are picking your pumpkin. A wonky shape could be better if you are looking at carving a spooky ghost or monster out of your pumpkin.
  • Pick a pumpkin with a greener stem as it will last longer

Hollam Nurseries Pumpkin Fields, Titchfield

📆 It will be opening for pumpkin picking from 14th Oct
⏰ 10 AM to 4 PM
📍 348 Titchfield Road, Fareham, PO14 3EU 
☎️ 01329 845365
🎃 No Admission Fee.
👻 Hollam’s Facebook Page
📸 Find Hollam on Instagram

Sunnyfields Farm, Totton

📆 Open now until 29th Oct (A New Guinness World Record was awarded this year)
⏰ 10 AM to 7.30 PM
📍 Jacobs Gutter Lane, Totton, Southampton, SO40 9FX
☎️ 02380 861266
🎃 Tickets and time slots required, each ticket £5.50, under 2s are free
👻 Sunnyfields Farm’s Facebook Page
📸 Find Sunnyfield’s on Instagram

Steve Harris Ltd Meon-Bye Farm, Titchfield

📆 Open now until 31st Oct
⏰ 10 AM to 4 PM
📍 Meon-Bye Farm, Triangle Lane, Titchfield, PO14 4HB
☎️ 01329 843377
🎃 No booking required.
👻 Steve Harris’ Facebook Page
📸 Find Steve Harris on Instagram

Pickwell Farm Shop, Bursledon

📆 Open now until end of Oct
⏰ 9 AM to 5 PM (only weekdays)
📍Grange Road, Southampton, SO318GD
☎️ 023 8040 4616
🎃 No booking required. No admission fee.
👻 Pickwell’s Facebook Page
📸 Find Pickwell’s on Instagram

Pumpkin Picking History

Pumpkins have a fascinating history dating back thousands of years. They’re believed to have originated in Central America and were grown by indigenous peoples. These early societies used pumpkins for various purposes, from food to medicine, and even as containers.

The tradition of pumpkin picking, as we now know it, has its roots in the harvest festivals of ancient cultures. In Europe, people marked the harvest season by gathering crops, including pumpkins, and creating vibrant displays. This tradition eventually crossed the Atlantic with European settlers and found a new home in North America.

Fun fact: In the United States, pumpkin picking gained popularity during the 19th century. Families would visit pumpkin patches or their own fields to choose the perfect pumpkins for cooking, carving, or decorating.

Today, pumpkin picking remains a beloved activity for both families and individuals. It’s a way to connect with nature, relish in the beauty of the fall season, and honour the harvest.

Benefits Of Pumpkin Picking With Your Children

  1. Engaging with Nature: Pumpkin picking provides children with a hands-on experience in nature, allowing them to connect with the environment and appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons.
  2. Learning Opportunities: Pumpkin picking offers various learning opportunities for children, such as understanding plant growth, life cycles, and the importance of agriculture.
  3. Creativity and Imagination: Pumpkins serve as a canvas for children to express their creativity and imagination through carving, painting, and decorating, fostering their artistic skills.
  4. Physical Activity: Pumpkin picking involves physical activity, including walking, carrying, and lifting, which promotes gross motor skills and a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Family Bonding: Pumpkin picking is often a family activity, creating lasting memories and strengthening family bonds through shared experiences and teamwork.

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