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Matched Betting Calculator

Please use my friendly matched betting calculator if you need to calculate your matched betting lay stake or figure out how much profit you will make from your matched bets or arbs.

Again, keep in mind this is through the perspective of my own experience and before you go ahead please, ensure you’ve read the disclaimer.

[Disclaimer: Gamble Aware 18+]

a) How the Matched Betting Calculator Works?

This free matched betting calculator is the perfect tool to help with your qualifying bets, free bets and risk-free bets. Simply enter your back stake, odds and lay commission and the calculator will tell you how much to lay at the betting exchange – some matched betting experts are calling it lay calculator.

If you are not familiar with back and lay betting calculator jargon, please have a quick walk-through my Matched Betting Guide.  Is simple to use and by the FAQ structure you can pick and choose the right questions in no time. You will find answers to what laying and backing means, how matched betting works and more. 

Your lay stake is £ 0
Exchange balance required is £ 0
Profit £ 0

b) How to Calculate Your Qualifying Bet?

To calculate your qualifying bet with my matched betting calculator, you need to change it on NORMAL. Your Back Stake will be the value of the BACK BET, the bet you place at the bookmaker.

For example, if you bet £25 on Betfred, then you would put ’25’ in the Back Stake box. Your Back Odds are the odds of the bet you placed from bookie; let’s say that you placed the £25 on Chelsea to win at 2.0 – Back Odds is 2.0. The Back Commission box will almost always be 0%, unless you are placing your bet on a betting exchange.

The Lay Odds are the odds that you have laid your bet at any exchange market, such as Betfair or Smarkets. Using the previous example, at Smarkets, Chelsea had a lay odd of 2.15. So, you put 2.15 into the Lay Odds box. The Lay Commission is the commission from exchange market, on Betfair is 5%, Smarkets is 2%, etc. So, the Lay Commission is than 2%.

If you put in the numbers listed above as an example, the calculator should show a loss of -£2.00 and your lay stake of £23.47.

c) How to Calculate Your Free Bet?

To calculate your profit from the free bet, you need to change the Bet Type from NORMAL to FREE BET SNR (Free Bet – Stake Not Returned). There will be very few occasions when you need to use Free Bet (SR); for the moment you don’t need to worry about this option.

Using the same principle from “How to calculate your qualifying bet?” tab, just simply add your Back Stake, Back and Lay Odds, and Lay Commission and our free lay calculator will do the job for you.

Remember to use your free bets at higher odds, I would say, above 5. However, try to prevent using them on horse racing, so your risk to get gubbed is lowered.

For this example, let’s back Watford to win at odds of 5.0 at a £25 stake (free bet) and lay on exchange market at odds of 5.2. With 2% commission included, the back lay calculator shows that you will make a profit of £18.92 from this match, regardless of who wins. Your NET PROFIT will be £16.92 = £18.92 – £2.00 (the lost on our qualifying bet).

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